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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Yukiko is a pleasure to work with and made sure that my interest were represented.

She worked hard for me and gave me a very nice binder with all of the documents at close. I would highly recommend her.

Brett Moore

Yukiko was amazing to work with.

She was very responsive, hardworking, and caring from day one. As a first home buyer, there was a lot of ambiguity and intimidation especially in a sellers' market but Yukiko was always there to patiently explain and support me to help me achieve my real estate goals.

Chris Sanchez

Thanks to Yukiko who provides exceptional service!

She got me a great price for my house, as is, and free rent and HOA for 50 days. She goes WAY above and beyond for her clients and I give her my highest recommendation!

Robert Connor

Yukiko was a tremendous help throughout my search for a home, and especially during the buying process.

Even though the market is moving at lightspeed, she was patient with me when I was gun-shy about putting my first offer down. When I was ready, she handled the heavy lifting and walked me through the purchase step by step. There were several factors that made the transaction a difficult and unusual one, but she rolled with the punches and handled it with expertise. She went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable moving forward, and even helped coordinate some business that had to be done after the close of escrow. Thanks, Yukiko!


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Yukiko is amazing!

I was a first time homebuyer and worked with Yukiko to buy my home in August 2020. She explained the whole process and was so patient with my questions. She made sure I understood everything and helped my family find our perfect house.

Shelby King

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness Yukiko has been the best realtor from start to finish.

Always available, helpful and on our side in the process of buying our first home in Escondido. She’s very professional, thoughtful and kind. A real 💎 Thanks Yukiko!!!

mira kang

Yukiko was awesome!

She managed every detail very professionally and was patient with my endless questions and worry. I strongly recommend her and am confident you will have a positive experience.


Yukiko is diligent, persistent and friendly!

We chose Yukiko to help us make our 3rd purchase and she will be hired if we have a 4th!

Rex R

Yukiko was awesome!

She managed every detail very professionally and was patient with my endless questions and worry. I strongly recommend her and am confident you will have a positive experience.

V. Kumar

Yukiko is diligent, persistent and efficient!

She works fast and gets things done in a timely manner! She is the absolute best and we will hire her again!

Kelly Y

I like her attention to detail.


Yukiko was such a perfect example of an ideal person whom you can count on.

Business wise she’s very professional with good moral values, patient in dealing with clients, a good public servant for she can face with people with good manners no matter who we are. In my own personal experience in looking for a better place to stay, Yukiko gave us the best choice we’ve ever wanted. So, guys if you’re looking for a house tell her what you need, not only what you want but everything what’s perfect for you. A flexible realtor whom you can depend on anytime, a very responsive person with her excellent performance ever.👍👏

Edna Evans

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Yukiko was great to work with, she knew what we wanted and at the end, found the right place for us.

.... Very patient as well, always listening to our needs. We are very happy to have found her, she made the transition, all the paperwork very easy for us. We highly recommend her.

Jaime Morales

Yukiko is an excellent realtor, she’s very committed to her schedule, time management and her performance is extremely reliable, should you need help to find a better place you can count on Yukiko in any way she can.

Edna E

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Yukiko has been a wonderful, personable realtor with many years of experience in real estate during my search for home during the most competitive housing market.

She acted swiftly to make appointments for home showings, gave me constructive, up to date feedbacks and answered our questions. My wife and I were able to successfully getting the new home at the right price and location we love after being outbid by other buyers before that. It can be discouraging to lose out on the offers, but her support helped us getting thru this. We appreciate her tremendous help and our home has already built about 50K equity. Thank you Yukiko and from the bottom of our heart we greatly appreciate you! We will recommend her to our families and friends and use her again for future housing needs!

Anson Wong

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Yukiko was very diligent, accommodating and helpful.

This was our first home purchase and I strongly believe we were able to get our offer accepted primarily due to Yukiko's experience and fast negotiation skills in the field. She also helped us through the closing process, answering our questions, negotiating with the seller-side. She was always available. We will definitely recommend her to anyone.

Fatih C

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Yukiko is an amazing REALTOR in the San Diego area!

She knows her market and always does everything to give her client the advantage. You won’t find a more caring agent to work with.

Claudia Ruiz

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value very responsive.


Positive: Professionalism Yukiko is personable and trustworthy.

She goes the extra mile to help her clients to exceed expectation. She’s a problem solver and puts her clients interest first.

Vilma Palaad

Yukiko was amazing!

I was a first-time buyer, and she provided honest information and guided me through the process. She worked so hard to make sure I found the perfect house for my family, at the price I wanted to pay.

Shelby K

The most caring and professional real estate agent I ever met!


We considered ourselves so fortunate to have Yukiko help us sell our home of 28 years in Carmel Valley and move into our dream home in Escondido this past year.

She helped us every step of the way through the stressful process of buying and selling. She made sure we thoroughly understood all the paperwork, and we were always confident in her knowledge, her attention to detail, and the fact we always felt that she truly cared and wanted us to be happy with our decisions. We couldn’t have asked for a better agent.

Leta P

We have bought and sold 5 houses in our lifetime and we both believe you are the best REaltor and more importantly one of the kindest individuals and utmost professionals we have had the pleasure to know in our lifetime.

Dave & Gloria

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness I have known and worked with Yukiko for several years now.

I recently referred her a client and they were ecstatic at her knowledge of the market and how diligently she negotiated for them. She has great communication skills too! If you are looking for an agent, look no further and call Yukiko.

Silicon Valley Living By Leticia Charles

Yukiko is one of the best REALTORS with whom I have had the pleasure to work.

She is very professional and cares deeply about her clients. Yukiko cares about you, ensuring that you are well taken care of every step of the journey together in finding your new home or selling yours. Yukiko's professionalism shines through during negotiations, always looking out for your interests while making sure it doesn't break others' hearts on either side. There are two types of real estate transactions; those with problems and those with solved problems. Yukiko is the problem solver that will ensure your transaction is closed to everyone's satisfaction. I highly recommend you call Yukiko anytime you need to buy or sell a home.

Aaron Johnson

Positive: Professionalism Yukiko was very helpful and she gave us useful information about each house we looked at.

She was like family understanding our values and helped us to find the right house. She was not rushing us or tried to convince us on something we didn’t believe in. She made our experience more enjoyable than stressful. Thank you, Yukiko . .

Noel Alebatchew

Positive: Professionalism We’re are so fortunate to have found YUKiKO KITAMURA when we moved to Escondido, California.

As our realtor, she worked hard to find us the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. What I really like she kept asking if she could do anything for us . She was efficient, friendly and reliable,we enjoyed working with her. I highly recommend Yukiko Kitamura 😘

Melanie Yedra

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Yukiko is a great Realtor .

She knows her job in and out completely .Great market knowledge ,Very professional, consistent , confident , trustworthy . Understands needs and wants and plan accordingly to fulfill it. Highly recommend to work with her for all your Real Estate needs .

taranjit kaur

Yukiko is the very best realtor you could ever have.

She is always looking out for your best interest. Most importantly Yukiko is a caring individual who listens to you and explains clearly any questions you have throughout the whole process. She is the utmost professional and an expert negotiator in real-estate transaction. Weather you are buying or selling your house, she is the realtor you need. She is the one who will have you best interest as her main focus. There are fair realtors, good realtors, and exceptional realtors. Yukiko is the exceptional realtor who is the very best of the best. You will be both lucky and very fortunate to choose her as your realtor.

Dave H

Yukiko was a pleasure to work with both in our home buying and selling process.

She is professional, responsive and reliable. We were very satisfied and would highly recommend her as an agent.

Joon P

Yukiko was so diligent and a pleasure to work with.

She was a great negotiator and helped us get this house within our purchase budget. We highly recommend Yukiko to anyone looking for a real pro!

Joyce B

Positive: Professionalism Yukiko, has always provided me with great value!

He knowledge and Real Estate experience is far superior to many other agents I have spoken with. She consistently provides me with resources to ensure I am well taken care of and she has a support network of great people.

Lawrence Fleischman

Positive: Professionalism “I enjoyed working with Yukiko.

She is a very professional and knowledgable Realtor in San Diego, I have send her a referral and she helped my client to find her dream home in San Diego and my client was very happy with the result. I highly recommand to work with Yukiko.

Hilda Nersessian

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